I know I have been a slacker on updates the last week. Things have been busy…
The CGA picnic was yesterday, I will hopefully get pics up from that later today. 😉

Nash is doing great… he’s much easier now that he was when I first got him. He no longer chews on me or the leash, and usually will stop chewing on other things if I tell him “not a toy”. He’s gotten the house training thing down pretty well now. I have been letting him off leash in the house and he’s been letting me know when he needs to go out. He seems to be pretty happy day to day around here, and also happy to go out to things like the picnic or petsmart or the like.

When he got here he was 28lbs. The other day I weighed him and he was 40. He’s gonna be a big boy.

I just sent in some email to CGC, telling them that unless there was some snag on their end, he’s here to stay. 🙂