Well, got back from CSU a bit ago from taking Twyla up there for a checkup.
They did an X-Ray and it showed that the cancer has spread and grown quite a bit. There is one of the nodules that is pretty large and looks like it might be putting some fluid out around her lung. On the plus side she’s still happy and friendly and in no pain.
They gave me the option of enrolling her in a clinical trial:
go Here and look for the study titled:
“Canine osteosarcoma patients with lung metastasis”.

I am leaning toward not doing it at this point. It would mean she would get put under a lot (for CAT scan, for biopsy’s, for radation treatment). As much as I would like to help other hounds down the road, I don’t think its too fair to her to have all that happen instead of
just being happy until the end.