Here are some pics from this weekend at the boulder creek festival.
Twyla had such a lovely time. It was hot and crowded, but she was getting attention. 🙂
She didn’t lay down until probibly the last 30min or so we were there…

Kurt getting in on the petting:

kurt being petted

Twyla going for max petting in the crowd:

Twyla in the crowd

Merlin had no problems laying down:

merlin relaxing

A fair number of other hounds there:

partiotic hounds

This banner says it all… the group is desperate for foster homes. We pushed them a lot talking to people.

foster homes needed

Look at this happy face:

Twyla smiling

Kurt and Merlin don’t mind sharing a pillow:

merlin and kurt sharing

Finally Twyla realized she could lay down and STILL get people to come pet her:

Twyla laying down and getting petted