Not a bad weekend…The spankers show on friday night was great. Nice mix of folks and a amusing setlist. The audience was a bit on the dead side, but I guess you can’t have everything. 🙂 saturday had a few folks drop by for movie night. Shown were: The Matrix (we had to test the setup), The Aristocrats (had some very amusing parts, but dragged on way too long),
and Hellboy (Great fun!).

Sunday was the dog training class. I took my projector out and got that setup no problem, but the DVD they were going to use wouldn’t play in either my laptop or another laptop there. Or rather it would start to play, but wouldn’t let you choose chapters. ;( The class was good. Lots of good info there…

And now to catch up on pictures from the last week:

Merlin decided to go out and hang out in the yard. Pretty odd, mostly they go out and wander around for a few and play and then want right back in.

The day must have been so nice Merlin thought he should hang out outside for a while:

Merlin laying in the yard

Someone knows that the vents are where the nice cool (or hot when it’s cold) air comes out:

Bitty Lounging near a vent

Sweet Princess Twyla out on a walk:

twyla on a walk

Kurt on the same walk (note the sock on his back paw… he gets his stiches out of his toe friday):

kurt on a walk

And Merlin for completeness:

Merlin on a walk

It’s SO SIMPLE! Why haven’t more people signed up!!?!?!?!

amusing sign

Twyla still does the tounge thing… now more often in fact:

Twyla with errant tounge

And she loves to grin:

twyla grinning

Kurt has been on the lookout for thunderstorms. The storm defender cape I got him has seemed to really help so far.
Most of the storms haven’t had much thunder tho. Time will tell this summer.

Kurt listening for thunder

A shot of all 3 pups relaxing after the walk today:

all 3 pups relaxing