Got up nice and early (but not too early) today and went up to Edora park in Fort Collins for the CGC 2005 picnic. They usually have a bunch of vendors and vets and all kinds of stuff, but this year was different. They had the regular celebration planned, but then the massive kennel cough outbreak hit Colorado and they decided that it would be a bad idea to have all those greyhounds hanging out near each other. Especially when a recent racer might have been spreading the cough to the pet pups. So, they canceled that and just went with this informal one later in the summer. It was very nice. Lots of good folks and hounds to visit with. We did manage to reserve the baseball field and get to have a place for the dogs to run around really fast in.

Everyone had a very nice time. I got to see several of my old foster pups in their happy homes, in particular Freska (was Jessica), Coby and Petey were nice to see. Freska was very excited to see me, it was very cute.

Pictures are up on my regular picture gallery space