Well, I went and found a not too bad deal on a nice canon powershot sd500 a few days ago. I was really remembering liking the canon camera controls. The casio I have used for the last year or so is fine, but it’s really hard to use with one hand (handy if you are holding 3 dogs leashes in the other). Also, I never got around to selling my old s100, so I figured I could use the batteries and chargers I had left from that.

The new camera came today and I was right in remembering that I like the controls. It will take a bit of (re) getting used to, but I am finding I am remembering it pretty quickly. Turns out the old batteries from the s100 and all the other powershot cameras are slightly diffrent from this model, so so much for the idea of re-using those. ;( I did have some problems getting pictures transfered over from the camera to my laptop via the USB cable. This camera doesn’t show up as a storage device, you have to use something like gphoto2 to talk with it. gphoto2 has 2 drivers for this camera, a PTP and a (normal) mode. normal is the default and it doesn’t work at all. It sees the camera and then refuses to talk with it. If I force the PTP driver (which was not easy to figure out how to do), it works great.

My gate is falling apart. It looks like the wind did a good number on it while I was out of town:

falling down gate

You can see here how well it matches up on the lock:

falling down gate2

Merlin, Twyla and Kurt:

kurt twyla and merlin</a

I hope I will have many good pictures with the new camera. 🙂