Eariler today wasn’t fun. Kurt wasn’t feeling well and was breathing
pretty poorly. I looked him over for injury and notced that his
throat had swelled out about 5x normal. Call my vet friend up in
johnstown, and talked about it. Probibly an alergic
reaction. Gave him some benadryl, and it went down a bit, but
still was large and scary, so I decided to take him up to get
looked at. I25 is still a mess, but I made it up to johnstown
around 1:30pm or so. Got kurt some injections to bring the
swelling down. Seemed to help him even more. He’s still not 100%
by any means, but he is breathing better now at least.

After I got back and made sure kurt was stable I wandered up to a BBQ
at jeremy’s. Was a very nice time. Good crowd of folks, lots of
brawts and beer, and good conversation.