Got a new foster dog today. Her name is “mouse”. She’s about 50lbs or
less. Very small for a greyhound. She seems very easy to deal
with. No problems with the other dogs or the cat. She does
bark/whine in the crate, but settles down when she sees that I
am not going to let her out because she’s barking. She does this
weird little lip thing when she’s happy. I can see how people
might mistake it for a snarl. She should be pretty easy to find
a home for.

Went off to a birthday party. It was going to be an outdoor BBQ type
thing and I was going to take all the dogs, but with the rain it
was indoor, so I thought 4 greyhounds would be a bit much, so I
just took merlin with me. He did great. It was a nice time: tons
of food and people to chat with.

Tomorrow is of course the ren faire, so I should go fold my kilt and
go to sleep.