Weekend recap time.

Friday folks got into town and we had a nice BBQ here. Good crowd of
folks and nice food. The people we sent to the grocery store
didn’t come back for a while (they decided to take a joy ride in
a convertable instead), but we managed to scrounge up food
Pictures are here.

Saturday was Scott and Jen’s wedding. It was at a place called Foss
park. Very very nice. I managed to take a non direct way there
from my house, and we only managed to get in just before the
wedding started. The chapel was just large enough for everyone
there to squeeze into. Very nice ceremony including some nice
readings from friends. The reception was just down the hill at the
reception hall. Good food, good friends, good music. All alround
nice time. Around 5ish we dragged back to my house and had a
relaxing evening of sitting around chatting and drinking.
Pictures are here.

Sunday we headed down to the ren faire. Managed to get there just
before the cannon went off. Nice to see old friends and old
friends dogs. The weather was pretty nice. Cloudy most of the
time and not too hot. There was an hour in there where the sun
came out and it was pretty hot, but the clouds came back. We
bugged out of the faire a bit early and went home and then out
again for dinner. I crashed super hard then, along with the
dogs. They had a full day.
ren faire pictures here.