Living on the Edge: Rawhide day to day

Kevin Fenzi

Fedora Infrastructure Lead, Red Hat CC-BY-SA-4.0

This talk will be go over tips, tricks and workflows to use rawhide or branched as your everyday Fedora. Learn how to troubleshoot and work around issues and help make rawhide or branched more stable for everyone else.

My Background

Rawhide Background

Rawhide Goals

(direct from the wiki)

How Rawhide is made

Why run Rawhide?

Some Rawhide Stats

In the last month:

Getting on the Rawhide trail

Getting OFF the rawhide trail

A note about hardware

Tools: dnf

Tools: koji

Tools: selinux

Tools: abrt and setroubleshootd

Tools: Gathering info

Tools: Bugs and reporting

Tools: mailing lists / IRC

Strategy: Update and Reboot cadience

Strategy: alternatives

Strategy: Backups


Every further on the edge

The Future!

Questions and Discussion

Rawhide is awesome!

Lets all make it MORE awesome

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