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Thursday night was nice and mellow. There was a steady stream of people stopping by, many stayed for a bit and then wandered out with promises of returning friday or saturday. I baked about 4 batches of cookies while kurt was off at class. His kitchenaid mixer sure makes it easy. Much rye was consmed by me. My friend Mike that I haven't seen in about 10 years stopped by. He lives in New Jersey now, but was in town for business and was around all weekend. It was great to see him again. Things ended around 4am or so.

I did have a heart attack in the evening...the front door got left open and merlin and twyla decided to go for a wander. Luckily merlin came right back when I called, and twyla came back when I had a treat. Still scary though.


Friday I helped do some more cleaning and getting ready for the party. Around 4pm I wandered over to the Taylor house where I was staying. He has a nice large back yard that the dogs could wander in, unfortunatly it was loaded with goatheads. The dogs ran out into it and came limping back in a few seconds later. They did get better about not stepping on them after a while, but they were pretty hurt at first.

Around 7ish I went over to the party, leaving the dogs at the taylor house to relax. Tons of people both old and new were there. Kurt was doing a bunch of grilling of various game. There was meat and there was cookies and there was booze. Thats about all. Managed to talk people into a Denny's run around 2am. The food is just about as bad as I remember it. Got back and got to sleep around 4am.


Saturday I didn't manage to get much in the way of sleep, and staying up until 4am each night drinking didn't help out. Slept off and on and managed to get over to kurts house for the geocache event at right around 1pm.

The geocache was once again quite fun. Victor makes them and they are always interesting. This one was quite a bit shorter than the previous years, and all cooperative. We finished it around 4pm. Quite a lot of people were joining in this year, we had 3 car loads.

There was a halloween easter egg hunt for the kids in the park. Amusing, but didn't really last very long. Perhaps next year I will make a treasure hunt thing for them. That could be a winner.

Got in some more mexican food for dinner. I wish I would have had a chance to go to more of the resturants I loved. I did hit My Brothers place twice (it was lovely each time) and go burger (excellent breakfast borittos). I tried to go to roberots, but they were packed. Oh well, some other trip perhaps.

After a nice yummy green gold dinner, back to the party where things were in full swing. Even more folks around. Broke out a bunch of glowsticks and passed them out. The trivia game this year was run eariler (10pm), which was good as I was running out of steam. It was amusing, but did drag on for a bit too long. Finally pooped out and went to sleep around 1am or so.


Ah, the lovely drive back. This time at least I was carravaning with L, who drove down on friday. We talked on the radio and said hi at rest areas and such. The drive was pretty boring and normal until about colorado springs. Then the snow started and people started driving like utter morons. I managed to get caught behind 2 snowplows where people wouldn't pass them. Very irritating. Finally got home around 10 or so and passed out.

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