Kevin's Journal - July

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Fri Jul 30, 2004 2:25 PM

Here's a picture that I forgot to upload. It's kurt and merlin looking very cute on the couch. They seem to get along pretty darn well.

Mon Jul 26, 2004 8:08 PM

I've been going to a D&D game tuesday nights. Very cool to be back role playing, I had forgotten how much fun it could be. This game wrapps up after a few more weeks (many of the people in the game travel the ren faire circut, so won't be around after the faire ends). Perhaps I can find enough people after that to start up a regular GURPS game. Anyone in the denver area interested? Its a ton of fun. :)

Sun Jul 25, 2004 8:42 PM

Just had a very nice visit with my friend Roy. He got in thursday night and we went up to southern sun to meet with some hackingsociety folks. Came back and relaxed thursday night. Friday worked along and then went out for a nice sushi dinner in boulder with friends. Saturday was faire, where it rained all day long in a sort of drizzle. It wasn't too bad, since the rain never came down that hard, but it was cold and wet. Came back home and had some nice hot indian food. Sunday we just relaxed around and then I dropped him off at the airport. A very nice visit.

Mon Jul 19, 2004 3:11 PM

Weekend recap:

Friday: Just relaxed around the house and got ready for faire. Very very late friday night the taylors showed up from New Mexico. Got them settled in and passed out.

Saturday: Got a nice solid 6 hours sleep or so. The Taylors were off to a wedding up in estes park, so I headed down to the faire around 8am or so. Got to the booth around 9 or 9:15 or so. Walking from the car to the booth was pretty difficult. Had the 3 hounds on leash, my cooler, and a 20lb box of 2000 brochures for the booth. Finally made it up the hill and got the booth setup. Opening cannon went off and I was the only one there for a while. It did manage to get better after a while. Had 6 other people at various times throughout the day. Managed to scrape up enough people to walk in the parade, but I had to carry the banner. So far this year I had managed to avoid the parade. :) Around 4pm or so a thunderstorm came in, and boy do I mean thunder. There was a lightning strike in the festival, and man was it loud. Many of the dogs jumped up, but Twyla just woke up and then went back to sleep. Got the booth put away and money gathered and headed home. Got in around 8pm or so. The taylors got in around 11pm from the wedding reception and we all passed out.

Sunday: Got up nice and early and out the door around 8:20 or so. Had a pretty nice drive down to the festival with the taylor family and hounds all loaded into my suburban. It's nice having a large car for such things. Got into the booth around 9:40 or so and there were already folks there. Got all setup and then wandered off with the taylors to see the faire. This is the first time this year I have really had time to go and walk around and see the booths and do shopping, etc. It was very nice. Had a good long day of faire, and got home around 8pm again. We ordered some delivery sushi and thai food then and fed the kids pizza. Overall a very nice day.

Here are some pictures of sundays ren faire.

Thu Jul 15, 2004 4:00 PM

Man, it's really quite warm out. I am so glad I got A/C installed a few years ago. I would be melting if I didn't have A/C. I made the mistake today of taking the dogs for a walk around 3pm. Kurt kept pulling toward every tree that had any shade, and twyla would go over and lay down and not want to get up again. Not that I blame them any, they are smarter than me. We had a small cottontail run out from under a car in front of us on the way back. Twyla and kurt could care less, but merlin wanted to chase. Here you can (sorta) see merlin grinning.

In other news the taylors are coming into town tomorrow. It will be nice to see them all again. I should be out at the faire all weekend, but man is it going to be rough. We are extemely short staffed on saturday especially. No time out of the booth for me. ;(

Mon Jul 12, 2004 9:26 AM

Another weekend of ren faire goodness. Had a reasonably nice time. We were kinda short on help at the booth, so I pretty much stayed up there the entire weekend. I did manage to run out on sunday and talk to Kathy, who is always a pleasure to chat with. Weather on saturday was excellent. It was overcast and 70's in the morning, started to get hot, then a thunderstorm came in and rained for about 10min and cooled things off. Sunday was just hot. Sunny all day. They said it was 95 degrees at one point. Here are a few pictures from this weekend.

Fri Jul 9, 2004 12:13 PM

For those of you that haven't been following the software suspend 2 saga, things are starting to look pretty good. Nigel is busy trying to sperate out things and get set to merge with Andrew for the mm series, then hopefully it goes into the kernel and replaces pmdisk and swsusp1.

Anyone with a redhat/fedora system is welcome to try my kernel rpms with the software suspend patch 2 compiled in: which you can find here.

Wed Jul 7, 2004 7:52 PM

I almost forgot, some pictures from sunday at the resort.

Wed Jul 7, 2004 5:15 PM

Made it home fine on monday, though my sleep schedule was very messed up. I had to get up about 6:30am to get my brother in law to drive me to the airport for my 8:45am flight. Got in about 12:30 and got home. Doggies were all fine and happy.

Tuesday was quite busy as well. We discovered that you could get a nice discount at the beer store in boulder if you could brew during the day. So we went up there and made an IPA over our lunch. Then tuesday night was the first session of a D&D game I have joined. Pretty fun. I missed role playing, and it's nice to get back into it again with a good group.

Sun Jul 4, 2004 11:33 PM

A new day of full on slacking:

Got up super early to meet the family for breakfast at 7:30ish. Another fine all you can eat buffet. I am going to have to stop eating next week and try and loose some of the many pounds I have likely gained. After breakfast some folks went off to play golf. I had proposed a hike, but got no takers so I went back to plan B... which was going back to my room and going back to sleep.

Got up and meet up with folks at our home base room and my cousin had showed up. It was very nice to visit with her for a while. After that we went down and did more pool lounging and pina colada drinking. I got into the "cold" pool there (probibly 50-60 degrees... it felt wonderfull). Unfortunately my water proof watch failed its waterproofness and managed to get water into the watch. The electronic part totally died. Time for a new watch it looks like. ;(

A big dinner and then watching fireworks. They had fireworks here for about an hour. They got kinda dull after about 15minutes because they were the same 2 or 3 types. The finale was pretty impressive, but not sure it was worth the wait. On the way down to the pool from dinner we saw a family of javalina (piggies) wandering by. About 5 or 6 adults and 2-3 little piglets. They were gone before I could get a picture since it was already dark.

Tomorrow I head back home. I have to get up and meet my brother in law for a ride at 7am. Yuck. Oh well, at least I will get home around noon so I can have some time to relax there.

Sat Jul 3, 2004 5:36 PM

So far an excellent day of lounging around and catching up with the family. The weather was super nice in the morning, we talked out on a balcony overlooking the golf course and watched the woodpeckers, pidgeons and quail. Then we went down to the pool and relaxed down there. It was reasonable for a while, especially with cold drinks, but then it started getting africa hot, so I bailed back to the room. We are having a big family dinner in a bit, so that should be nice.

Some pictures from this morning and this afternoon here.

Sat Jul 3, 2004 1:02 AM

Headed out to the airport around 6pm and made it there with a good deal of time to spare, which was good, as I had to park in the Mt. Elbert lot which is really really far from anywhere. Checked in and went through security, which as usuall I managed to have to be wanded. No idea what set it off, but it always seems to happen to me. My plane was leaving from gate B61. This is the gate on the very farthest end of the B concourse. After walking for quite some time I made it there with about 15min to spare before boarding. Walking past the guy at the gate, we went down a long passageway, down some stairs, around a corner and then finally outside accross the tarmac to the steps leading up to the plane. It was then that I realized that I had booked a United flight "run by mesa airlines". It was a pretty small jet, but reasonably comfy. Got into tucson about 10min early and met my sister. After a quick pickup of my bag we drove up to the resort. It's a pretty posh place (good thing we are getting really good rates on the rooms). The wireless here is $10/day, but I don't mind paying that too much as the rooms are so cheap. Time to pass out.

Fri Jul 2, 2004 3:54 PM

Well, I think I am all packed up and ready to head out for the weekend. Hopefully I will have wireless access at the resort. They claim to have some, but don't say much about it. If I do I will try and post some updates from there. Otherwise it will be monday when I get back. Have a good one everyone.

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