This post is a day late, but we had Fedora 18 release yesterday, so I was kinda busy. 😉

So, another week of rawhide. This one was a bit more rough than the past two, but still nothing too bad IMHO.


  • There was a libselinux update that pushed out that broke X/udev. Happily it was discovered by Dan Walsh early that morning so we could send out an email to lists telling folks not to update that version. It was then fixed later that day, so only one days rawhide had the bad build in it. Lesson: Always be subscribed to the devel/test lists to see issues like this and read them before doing your daily update.
  • colord had an update that was pulling in tons of 32bit packages on my 64bit laptop install. This one turned out to be a bit tricky to fix. The problem was that it was trying to obsolete some old noarch packages, but yum saw both the 64bit and 32bit colord in the repos and picked the 32bit one to do the obsolete. This was fixed the next day by Kalev Lember. He moved the colord libs to a libs package so it no longer needed to have both arches in the 64bit repo. Rawhide had the bad build in for one day again, and it was easy to exclude.
  • iwlwifi regression. When I moved my laptop to the 3.8.x pre kernels, my wireless slowed way way down. (backups that normally take 1hour started taking 12). This was already filed as a bug and someone from intel was on the case. A one line patch and things are much better here. This is bug 863424. Fixes hopefully will be merged soon upstream.
  • Xfce4-session started crashing on me a lot. I haven’t tracked this fully down, but wiping my session cache seems to have completely cleared it up. So, somehow I had something very odd in my session cache.

Otherwise, everything has been going along fine. If these are the sorts of problems you can handle, seems like rawhide should be fine for you to use. 😉